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Welcome to my Pantry!


Stevie Georgiou

Hi my name is Stevie Georgiou and I’m the owner, founder of Stevie’s Pantry.

My company started by specialising in all kinds of celebration cakes, sugar flowers and modelling figures, cake toppers, characters etc.
My passion for art has been with me since I was at school and I was always interested in all of the creative classes, I would always bring my school work home with me and attempt to make and bake things at home, you name it, I probably tried it. I love art and drawing and I seem to have had those skills from a young age.

As I grew up, my passion for baking really started from my nan, she would bake and make all of these wonderful creations weekly, and as I grew older, I used to make my own way to her house and spend my time learning from her. Mainly greek food and greek desserts, which can range from simplistic to complicated.

So I started baking from both of these interests combined together and I started making my children’s birthday cakes, and Christmas cakes whilst I was on maternity leave from work. I only use the best ingredients for my family, and hence good ingredients with a twist of Stevie involved makes for delicious cakes. I had friends and family, and anyone who had tried my cakes, asking me to make their childs cake, or special occasion cake. Thus, it grew from there and my business took off and I was very busy.

My husband and I always eat well, and having had three children, my passion for healthier eating and eating the right foods escalated immensely. I am so passionate about getting the children to eat well, which is homemade pretty much everything with a massive amount of research going into each ingredient I use.

As they get older, their eating, (to a certain extent) is sometimes out of your control, for instance, kids parties, school dinners, play dates etc, so my mission is to try to educate the children by making a healthier choice at home. I’ve created lots of different recipes from adaptations of existing recipes, but trying to make them healthier. This process is a slow process, and a way of eating needs to be life changing and integrating and eliminating things from your diet slowly. Some of my own food recipes for the healthier options have become popular and hence Stevie’s Pantry was born, incorporating my cakes and sugar craft but also the healthier food, and life style options.

I have a wonderful husband and three lovely children, two girls and a boy, and I live in Enfield, North London.